Welcome to the Art Quilt Retrospective Archive

In preparation for SAQA's 30th anniversary, the organization set out to document the first 50 years of the impressive Art Quilt Movement. A public submission process took place from July 2016 - December 2017. Artists from around the world were asked to submit their best art quilts, one from each decade. In addition a few artists were invited to submit multiple images for possibilities for the Art Quilt Unfolding book project. This archive is provided for your enjoyment.

All of the images were provided by the artists for this project and are displayed with their permission.

Are you one of the artists and see a correction we need to make? Please fill out this form to let us know.

If you are an artist and missed the public submission window, it is not too late. You can fill out this form anytime and upload an image for our review. Please only enter one artwork per decade. Public Submission Form